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We were lucky enough to have Tom work with us at Rave Creative for a number of years. He became a reliable member of the team, and helped us to substantially grow the digital offering of the company.

Tom worked really well, liaising directly with clients, managing budgets (sometimes quite aggressively) and ultimately delivering good, well designed websites that our clients were proud of.

From the beginning it was clear Tom had a great eye for design, so it was refreshing to work with someone who didn't just favour functionality over design, but more so was able to balance the two, so sites would still retain the initial wow factor, yet worked logically and reliably.

It was unfortunate for us that Tom chose to leave and that is reflected in the fact that we still use Tom as a freelancer, and he continues to deliver solid work for us.

I'm certain that he will continue to deliver great work for us, and whoever is contracted to.

Phil Ravenshear

Managing Director
Rave Creative

I'm more than happy to recommend Tom to businesses looking for a specialist in digital, brand design, UX and front end development, as his skills in these areas have provided us with some excellent work but also because his approach, the way he works and his values add real value and make him a pleasure to work with.

Tom has supported us with specific tasks as an extension to our project team, but also taken ownership of large tasks working independently. This includes website re-designs, UX flows, visual and brand design and front end development, his standard of work has always been of a high level and exceeded our clients expectations.

Tom has values and behaviours which really suit our approach, ‘how’ he works is critical, he ensures he has clarity and the brief is understood, he is task focused and action orientated, this is essential for us when using remote contractors.

He is not a yes person and provides us direct and honest thoughts and opinions including challenging our approach when needed, which we really appreciate and adds value to our customers and what we deliver. He communicates progress well, seeks guidance when required and manages his time to deliver to agreed deadlines, but the main strength is that Tom adjusts himself to fit, meet our requirements and this has gained him the trust of our team in his work and himself.

Joe Jefferies

Operations Director
Authentic Digital

I hired Tom as a mentor for our month long web development course in partnership with The Prince’s Trust. His role was to train and provide support to our attendees. He was incredibly reliable, easy to work with and personable - explaining difficult topics in a simple, approachable manner, whilst being incredibly patient with those struggling.

I interviewed Tom before hiring him and was impressed with his knowledge of web design and instantly felt comfortable that he would not only fit into my small team, but would also make my job as a teacher less stressful. Throughout the course I was able to divide up my responsibilities with Tom and he produced some brilliant results for those attending the course. I would definitely work with Tom again and couldn’t recommend him more as a designer, developer & mentor.

Louise Bishop

Made by Milk

It was great working with Tom on the two website projects simultaneously. Tom has a great eye for detail and most importantly can translate design ideas into required design principles.

He is very astute in his approach to work and is always thinking of the bigger picture. His solid understanding of UX combined with his extensive knowledge of web, means you’re being pushed and challenged to really take a website to its optimal level, factoring all the core elements that make a website great, responsive, user needs, accessibility and building with the future in mind.

I can’t recommend Tom highly enough, and I look forward to completing more projects with him in the future.

Denis Mola

Digital Manager

Tom was highly recommended to us by one of our partners with the results of his work exceeding our expectations and helped us take our online presence to the next level helping us to secure more business in our respected B2B and B2C markets.

Tom showed off his multifaceted skillset and vast experience working across the many disciplines of design and development which was something that was crucial for us when selecting a new partner.

His attention to detail, the ability to work autonomously as well as remote and vast knowledge fitted our business needs perfectly so we can only highly recommend Tom to anyone seeking someone who can provide as much value to their business as he did for us.

Marriott Lusengo

Manging Director
London School of Digital Marketing