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"Summerdaze 2014"


Role & Expertise:
Strategy / Event Planning / Programming / Talent Hunting / Account Management / Logistics / Marketing / Social Media Marketing / Branding / Graphic Design / Print / Web design / Web development /

Industry: Music

Year: 2012 - 2017

5 years

Caf├ęs, clubs, warehouses and fields.

20 parties

Across Devon, London and Essex.


Tickets sold.


KK Gallery


In 2012 myself and two friends founded a electronic music events company called Kitchen Klub.

Over the next 5 years and 20 parties I was fortunate enough to get involved in all aspects of the music events business before we decided to move on to new projects and ventures.

I was responsible for curating the music, managing booked artists, AV suppliers, booking agents and venue owners.

I also played a centralised and crucial role in the marketing strategy, from running and maintaining Facebook Ads to creating our own online ticketing system which helped us achieve maximum pre-event ticket sales .

Our main highlight during the 5 years was organising a fully licensed mini day festival which saw us make profit on an extremely tight budget.

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Marketing / Brand / Strategy