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Role & Expertise:
Creative Strategy, Product Design, Product Mangement, Brand Identity, Digital Marketing

Industry: Music

Year: 2018 - Present

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Connecting Electronic Music


Opening up an industry

The electronic music industry is made up of thousands of amazing individuals and companies.

Connecting between each other hasn’t always been easy and it's even harder when you don’t have access to physical network or have the relevant industry knowledge.

Mixwork wants to change this and make it easier to find and connect with likeminded people and companies no matter where you're from.


Find & Connect

Mixwork is a digital platform (web app) for connecting the diverse range of people and companies that make up club culture and the electronic music industry.

It is in essence a social platform, just strictly for electronic music.

Collaborate, learn and share

We want to encourage the collaboration and sharing of industry knowledge and experiences through user's own posts and projects along with our own set of learning resources, workshops and events.

Being strictly electronic music orientated we can expect a high level of industry specific knowledge to be shared from the people & companies who live and breathe electronic music day to day. Giving invaluable insight to anyone wanting to learn from those who have been there and done it.



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